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is it possible to Use NVNC(VncSharp Server) As Windows Service


i want to use VncSharp Server As Windows Service , to always listen to
Requests to Remote any Host
i Run the server and client successfully in Windows App in C#. but
when i convert server side to windows service and request a remote to
service i can not see any windows form in VncSharp client (in VncSharp
Remote Desktop control)!!! but in Service EventLog file i can Trace
That Procees is running and all PointerEvent ,or keyboardEvent is
logged to that file but i cant see any thing !!
and VncRemoteDesktop component just show this message :
vncSharp remote desktop is connecting to VNC Host ,please wait

can you Help me to Find Whats Wrong With my Code Please?!


compengin wrote Nov 23, 2015 at 7:07 AM

i just can see this , not remote to host's desktop!