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Thanks for checking out NVNC.
Please report every bug, proposal, or a solution to a bug under the Issues section.
Please do not make multiple threads asking about release ETAs.
If you have any questions that you would like to ask ME, please use the Contact form.
Everything else that does not fall under those categories can be opened up as a discussion.
Please rate the project, share it, and collaborate if you can !


first post: HClausing wrote: Hi!! Congratulations for this excelent job! Sorry for my questi...

News about the project

first post: T1T4N wrote: Since the main issue with NVNC has been fixed, and I will be updati...

latest post: HAL_9000 wrote: Hi T1T4N, Thanks for a great bit of software. You have saved me a ...

Regarding the time between screen frames

first post: T1T4N wrote: Hello everybody, I have started this thread to explain to you why...

latest post: T1T4N wrote: @crosemffet: The ZRLE Encoding, which uses compression, is a MUST. ...

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